Below you will find a practice speaking test. You can either use the audio to practice a timed test, or you can read the questions and practice in your own time.

In the audio test you will hear a 5 second beep before the next question starts. This does not happen in the real test. However, the time you are given for each answer is about the same that you will be given in the real test.

The question for part 2 of the speaking test is below the audio player. Try not to read this question until the one minute preparation time starts.

Part 3 of the IELTS speaking test is a conversation. This is impossible to simulate in a recording, so remember that in the real test the examiner will probably ask you more questions and interrupt you more often.


Describe a place – not your home – where you go to relax

You should say:

 –  where the place is
 –  what the place looks like
 –  how you spend your time in this place

and explain why this place helps you to relax.


Good afternoon.

Can you tell me your full name, please?

Thank you.

And what should I call you?

Can I see your identification please?

Thank you, that’s fine.


Okay, now, in this first part I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s talk about what you do.

Are you currently working or studying?

Do you think your work or studies are difficult?

Do you want to continue with this job or studies in the future?

Do you get on well with your workmates or the other students on your course?

Let’s talk about window views.

What scenery can you see from the window of your home?

Is it important for you to have a good view from your window?

Do you like to sit by the window when you take an aeroplane?

What sort of view would you like your house to have in the future?

Now I’d like to talk to you about live music.

What kinds of live music can you listen to in your town/city?

What was the last concert you went to or saw on television?

Do you think listening to live music is very different to recorded music?

Would you like to take part in a concert? 


Now I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes. Before you talk, you’ll have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes if you wish. 

Do you understand?

Here’s some paper and a pencil for making notes and here’s your topic. I’d like you to describe a place – not your home – where you go to relax.

(1 minute to prepare – see question below)

All right? Remember, you have one to two minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. 

Can you start speaking now, please? 

(speak for 2 minutes)

Thank you. 

When did you last go to this place?

Do you prefer to get away from home to relax?

Thank you.

Can I have the booklet and the paper and pencil back, please?


We’ve been talking about a place – not your home – where you go to relax, and I’d like to discuss with you one or two more general questions related to this. Let’s consider first of all: places that help people relax. 

Tell me some of the different places people in your country go to relax? 

What are the different ways people relax indoors versus outdoors?

Some people say that places that are naturally beautiful are the most relaxing. Do you think that’s true?

  • What could be done to help people spend more time in nature?

Let’s move on and talk about balancing work and relaxation now. 

In general, people have enough time off work to relax these days. What do you think about this statement?

  • Time off work is expensive for companies. Should we care more about business profits or the staff that work there?

The world we live in today is often very fast-paced. How do you think this affects peoples relatonships with friends and family? 

  • So how would you change the situation as it is now?

OK, one more question then. Looking ahead, how do you think the time we have to relax will change in the future?

Thank you, that is the end of the speaking test.

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