Before writing essays for IELTS writing Task One, it is useful to examine the grammar that is most commonly used. This site has a wealth of grammar lessons that explore a wide range of common grammar problems.

Remember, grammar is 25% of your writing grade and is often one of the lowest scores awarded by examiners. Take the time to study the grammar shown on this website, but also use other resources until you are confident the majority of your sentences do not contain grammatical errors.

The list below links to the main grammatical areas that often cause problems in IELTS Writing Task One. Click on the links to visit the page for each one.

  1. Subject – verb agreements / part 2
  2. Countable or uncountable nouns and quantifiers
  3. Relative clauses and omissions / part 2 / part 3
  4. Noun/verb switching
  5. Rates, levels, times and places
  6. Time phrases and tenses
  7. Prepositions for time and data

There are also grammar lessons specific to different diagram types.

  1. Grammar for type one maps
  2. Grammar for type two maps
  3. Grammar for process diagrams / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

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